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  • Cinematography
  • Stills
  • Aerials


Our cinematography style focuses on story first, as we want people to connect with the content we produce. We bring in only the right team members of the Foster Visuals collective and then collaborate with our clients to take their initial idea through the creative process. We go from pre-production and storyboarding, to execution and editing, and finally decide the best ways to get the final story out to the world for launch.

Have a look at some of the stories we’ve helped tell below:


Our award winning team consists of some of the best, highly-trained still photographers in Canada. We’ve documented history for newspapers and magazines for more than a decade. We’ve covered political campaigns, professional sports, breaking news, and in depth features all with an emphasis on telling stories through imagery and letting the pictures do the talking.


Have a look at some of our still photography below:


Drone video may seem extremely new to most people, but we’ve been working with this technology for quite some time. We’ve logged hundreds of hours of flight time on several sizes and types of systems carrying large and small 4K cameras.

We strongly believe that the power of drone technology is the ability to capture visuals from angles and depths that a viewer has never experienced before — perspective can mean everything.

Our team offers aerial cinematography as part of our productions, and we also work and collaborate with other teams of storytellers to help take their work to new heights (literally).

We operate with with a Special Flight Operations Certificate from Transport Canada and have a blanket certificate to fly throughout Ontario, and in most other Provinces.


Have a look at our aerial work below: